Boss Your Massage business

with Trevor Chisman – The Massage Rebel

Massage Business and Marketing Coach

Do you remember the dream?

The Massage Therapist Dream

You know the one I’m talking about, right?

Think back to when you started out at massage school.

You had a picture in your head about what your life as a massage therapist was going to be like.

  • You’d get to do something you love,
  • Earn a decent living,
  • Work the days and hours that suited you,
  • Have clients who appreciated and respected you,
  • And, actually look forward to going to work.

Is that how it’s turned out?

Or, are you struggling to make ends meet, getting constant no-shows, bending your hours to suit your clients and instead of finishing your day happy you’re exhausted and fed-up?

If your massage career isn’t living up to your expectations, keep reading,

Because, I think I can help.

The myth of the great massage

At massage school you’re taught giving a great massage is the key to success.

Unfortunately, that’s so far from the actual truth!

In my 30 years as a massage therapist, I’ve seen amazing therapists crash and burn whilst other therapists thrived.

What stands out time and again is:

Therapists who are good at business and marketing are way more likely to be successful, regardless of whether they’re a great therapist or not.

The problem is, a vast majority of massage therapists aren’t great at the business and sales stuff.

We’re massage therapists and healers, right?

Not sales people!

But here’s the thing,

If you want to build a successful massage business, you’re going to have to learn some business and marketing skills.

Hi, I’m Trevor

A massage therapist and massage business coach based in Glasgow, Scotland.

I’ve racked up 30 years in the massage industry working as a self-employed massage therapist, clinic owner and business coach.

I help massage therapists like you to navigate the business side of building a successful and sustainable massage practice.

Trevor Chisman - The Massage Rebel

My Mission

To help you built a sustainable massage business you totally love!

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